Recharge, Release, Renew!

How to Transform Overwhelm to Joy and Ease
Without Quitting Your Day Job!

February 11, 18 & 25

Are you feeling drained and overwhelmed by the pandemic?

Join us for an exclusive 3-part webinar with Emmy Award Winning News Anchor Kara Sundlun, Holistic Nurse Doreen Fishman, and Dr. Artemis Morris N.D. on how to manage stress, daily demands and emotions to create meaningful change in your hectic life without quitting your day job!

You will learn how to transform your daily grind into a sacred grind with KaraDoreen, and Artemis.



February 11 @ 6:30 pm EST


February 25 @ 8:00 pm EST


Registration for the entire series: just $75.

All proceeds will go to The Denise D’Ascenzo Foundation

A special thank you to The Graduate Institute for bringing this program to life.


Zoom Meeting Room

Each session will be recorded for your convenience in case you have to miss any or all of one of the sessions, and a link will be sent to you after each presentation.

Have questions? Please contact Joyce Logan @ [email protected]

For more information and to sign up for this 3-part series, view the original event announcement here.

Corporate Wellness Conference

If you work for an employer and were told, “I want you to be in charge of our new health and wellness initiative,” you would probably ask, “How will I know what to do and how to do it?”

Fear not. The 5th annual Corporate Wellness Conference is the place to be in 2013 if you want motivation, encouragement and knowledge regarding what it takes to implement and direct a wellness program where you work.

The conference, taking place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 3 – 6, 2013, is a chance to learn how to get employees actively engaged in their own health and wellness. You can see what has worked for other employers in the past, and adapt their clever ideas for your own company. The theme of this year’s conference is “Creating a Health Culture Through Innovative Engagement Methods.”

Why bother making the trip to Vegas for the Corporate Wellness Conference? First off, you’ll hear keynote speeches from expert leaders in healthcare and wellness who will inspire you with their words of wisdom. Next, you’ll examine case studies and best practices from Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 employers who will impart their long term strategies. Plus, you’ll discover “what works” to engage employees in reaching their health and wellness goals, and how to gain their trust in your corporate wellness program. Finally, the conference is a great place to meet and network with other benefits managers and corporate executives who face similar issues and challenges.

To learn more about the Corporate Wellness Conference, please visit

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The Evolution of Consciousness: 2012, Crop Circles and Living the Higher Dimensions with Alan Steinfeld

Alan SteinfeldSaturday, June 9 – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. $30 for 1 ticket, $50 for two tickets. The ancient saying goes: “May you live in interesting times.” All the great traditions of the world point to this crucial moment in human history, where a leap in evolution is about to occur. Crop circles, UFOs, channelings are all ways to see how the vibrational energies of the earth plane are shifting to establish a greater connection to the source of who we are. In this power point presentation Alan will bring all these elements together to discuss: “why and how this transition is occurring and what is our role in shifting the course of human destiny. Alan Steinfeld has been the host of the popular talk show New Realities, on Time Warner television in New York for the past 15 years and has lectured across the globe.

To learn more:
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Open House – Introducing Weight Loss Guru Rob Nevins!

Rob Nevins open housePlease join Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun, Channel 3’s Better Connecticut co-hosts in welcoming weight loss guru, Rob Nevins for an open house at the ATMA Center tomorrow, Wednesday, March 14th from 6 – 8:30 pm.

Rob Nevins and I are joining forces to deliver a comprehensive mind/body approach to wellness and weight-loss. Rob’s successful program offers healthy individualized meal plans to meet the needs of each person. As a board-certified holistic nurse and hypnotherapist, I offer a myriad of tools and techniques to shift self-limiting beliefs to a place of personal empowerment. We are both very excited to bring this program to West Hartford and look forward to seeing you. As Rob says: “You can do this!

You can learn more about Rob Nevins and his amazing work on his website.

Click here for directions to The ATMA Center in West Hartford & come join us!

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Don’t Miss the Boat…

When: Wednesday, June 8, 7:00 – 9:00pm West Hartford, CT.
Where: Doreen Fishman’s studio, 965 Farmington Ave., 2nd Floor, West Hartford, CT

Join Doreen Fishman RN, board certified holistic nurse and nationally certified hypnotherapist, along with  CT’s own WFSB, Channel 3 award winning Anchorwoman and co-host of Better CT, Kara Sundlun.  Enjoy an evening of light fare, laughter and meeting new acquaintances while being introduced to this enlightening opportunity.

The Norwegian Spirit will be our home base as we tour Caribbean Islands, once home to the Mayan People. In the evenings, while sailing the deep blue sea, we’ll get silly… and sacred. Share in inspiring events and fun activities that will deepen our self-awareness and our connections with each other, and expand our awareness of abundance in our lives! We encourage you to check out all the details on the site, and sign up as soon as possible. Space is limited and as you can imagine, it’s filling up fast!

We look forward to cruising with you into 2012!

For more information or to reserve your spot email: [email protected]