Holistic Personal Empowerment Sessions:

Unfortunately, life can be overwhelming and at times stressful. The stress and pressure we are under become extremely difficult to deal with on our own. Turn to a holistic health practitioner to learn and incorporate new techniques and practices to reduce stress and get back to living a positive, empowering life.

When you schedule an appointment with me, Doreen Fishman, we will spend the our session exploring new ways to deal with life’s sometimes overpowering and exhausting events.

In understanding and developing awareness of how your breathing pattern lays the foundation for how you deal with stress and relaxation, you can work through stress using relaxation techniques.  Through private stress reduction sessions, we teach ourselves how to exhale negative thoughts and self-doubt, while breathing in new awareness and self-confidence.

For more information about holistic health sessions with a holistic practitioner in Hartford, Connecticut, or to schedule an appointment, please contact me today at 860-841-1614.